Cellpack – Cast-resin Technology

Two Chamber Mixing Bag

Cellpack's two chamber mixing bags have a parting rail. When opened, the resin and hardener can be mixed together in a closed environment. Hardener and resin can be poured easily together.
The system is protected while mixing against external dirt and other foreign materials. The two components are mixed in such a way that very little amounts of non-bound material remains in the system which gives the installer a safe and environment-friendly solution.

It is recommended to handle the mixing bags with care and wear gloves while working with them. After the cast resin has been poured the remaining hardened material can be thrown away in the household waste. Non-hardened material must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Cellpack bags are made of a three layer laminated aluminium – plastic laminate material. The material is impermeable to gas and water therefore protected against air and humidity.

The bags are welded in several locations to give it mechanical stability and can resist high pressures

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
EG180180ml Resin Pack5050291007573402818751
EG286286ml Resin Pack50502910075971982729
EG370370ml Resin Pack5050291007603402818874
EG464464ml Resin Pack50502910076101982732
EG650650ml Resin Pack5050291007627402818890
EG810810ml Resin Pack5050291007634402818939
EG11501150ml Resin Pack50502910075591982745
EG15001500ml Resin Pack5050291007566402818955
EG20002000ml Resin Pack50502910075801982758

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