Branch Resin Joint Kit


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Cellpack Branch Cable Joints

Suitable for joining branch cables underground and or under water

Voltage rating

1.2 kV


Universally suitable to connect low voltage plastic-insulated cables or connectors insulated with PVC, PE, VPE, and EPR.

Suitable for both copper and aluminium conductors.

Application Ranges

Indoor, outdoor, underground, water (e.g submersible pumps), cable trays.


  • High electrical insulation values
  • Watertight both longitudinally and transversely up to 1 metre
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good resistance against UV radiation, alkaline earths and chemical agents
  • Standard resin storable up to 40 months in the aluminium bag
  • Halogen-free polyurethanic cast resin, containing the correct volume ready for mixing within a handy two-chamber mixing bag. No need for skin contact
  • Low hardening temperature, fast hardening with no toxic emission during the mixing and casting
  • High quality, transparent, shockproof polycarbonate moulds, compact size
  • Visible splice position before casting
  • Large insertion opening for easy casting
  • Extremely simple and fast fitting – saves time and costs
  • Earthing kit included
  • Operational after 2 hours

Tests and Approvals

  • DIN VDE 0278 Part 1 and 2
  • DIN VDE 0278 PART 393
  • EN 50393 as well as
  • CENELEC HD623 (VDE 0278, PART 623)


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
BJK1Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100101420760139
BJK2Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100102120760155
BJK3Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100103820760171
BJK4Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100104520760184
BJK5Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100105220760210
BJK6SCellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit5050291001076403447299
BJK6Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100106920760236
BJK7SCellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit5050291001090393548017
BJK7Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100108320760249
BJK8SCellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit5050291001113393548046
BJK8Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100110620760252
BJK9SCellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit5050291001137393548059
BJK9Cellpack Purecast Resin Branch Joint Kit505029100112020760278

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