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Metric Polyamide Gland


Material: Polyamide 6 (halogen free) Trade name: Ultramid B

Protection class: IP68 5 bar

Operating temp range: -30°C to +80°C

Intermittent temp: Up to +150°C intermittent

Seal: Neoprene

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories (UL Approval) – Cert. no: E178501(N)

Canadian standards
(CSA Approval) – Cert. no: 1454383

VDE Approval DIN EN 50262 (VDE 0619)

Properies of plastic cable glands: Gross density DIN 53457: 1.14g/cm3

Chemical characteristics:
Resistant to:
Acids – high concentrate (conditionally resistant) Acids – low concentrate
Fuel DIN gasoline/super
Fuel DIN diesel
Mineral oil
Vegetable oils and fats

Standard colours: black (RAL 9005), dark grey (RAL 7001), light grey (RAL 7035), white (RAL 9003), red (RAL 3020), blue (RAL 5015).

(N.B colours limited on certain sizes – 40mm, 50mm & 63mm only available in black & light grey) Long threaded version available (subject to M.O.Q)

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
CG/LNM-12BPolyamide Cable Gland 12mm Black5050291292962387301943
CG/LNM-12WPolyamide Cable Gland 12mm White5050291293006387302010
CG/LNM-12BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 12mm Blue5050291292979387301985
CG/LNM-12RPolyamide Cable Gland 12mm Red5050291292993387302007
CG/LNM-12GPolyamide Cable Gland 12mm Grey5050291066211387301998
CG/LNM-16BPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm Black5050291293013387302023
CG/LNM-16WPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm White5050291293068387302065
CG/LNM-16BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm Blue5050291293020387302036
CG/LNM-16RPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm Red5050291293051387302052
CG/LNM-16GPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm Grey5050291293044387302049
CG/LNM-16DGPolyamide Cable Gland 16mm Dark Grey5050291293037397422692
CG/LNM-20SBPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Black (Small)5050291293136387309725
CG/LNM-20SWPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm White (Small)5050291293181387325071
CG/LNM-20SBLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Blue (Small)5050291293143387325042
CG/LNM-20SRPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Red (Small)5050291293174387325068
CG/LNM-20SGPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Grey (Small)5050291293167387325055
CG/LNM-20SDGPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Dark Grey (Small)5050291293150397422702
CG/LNM-20LBPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Black (Large)5050291293082387302078
CG/LNM-20LWPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm White (Large)5050291293129387302117
CG/LNM-20LBLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Blue (Large)5050291293099387302081
CG/LNM-20LRPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Red (Large)5050291293112387302104
CG/LNM-20LGPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Grey (Large)5050291293105387302094
CG/LNM-20DGPolyamide Cable Gland 20mm Dark Grey5050291293075397422715
CG/LNM-25BPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm Black5050291293198387325084
CG/LNM-25WPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm White5050291293242387325149
CG/LNM-25BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm Blue5050291293204387325107
CG/LNM-25RPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm Red5050291293235387325123
CG/LNM-25GPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm Grey5050291293228387325110
CG/LNM-25DGPolyamide Cable Gland 25mm Dark Grey5050291293211403447969
CG/LNM-32BPolyamide Cable Gland 32mm Black5050291293259387325217
CG/LNM-32WPolyamide Cable Gland 32mm White5050291293297387325262
CG/LNM-32BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland 32mm Blue5050291293266387325220
CG/LNM-32RPolyamide Cable Gland 32mm Red5050291293280387325246
CG/LNM-32GPolyamide Cable Gland 32mm Grey5050291293273387325233
CG/LNM-40BPolyamide Cable Gland 40mm Black5050291293303387325275
CG/LNM-40GPolyamide Cable Gland 40mm Grey5050291293327387325291
CG/LNM-50BPolyamide Cable Gland 50mm Black5050291293334387325327
CG/LNM-50GPolyamide Cable Gland 50mm Grey5050291293341387325343
CG/LNM-63BPolyamide Cable Gland 63mm Black5050291293358387325372
CG/LNM-63GPolyamide Cable Gland 63mm Grey5050291293365387325398

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