Polyamide Cable Gland (Long Thread)


Material: Polyamide 6 (halogen free) Trade name: Ultramid B

Protection class: IP68 5 bar

Operating temp range: -30°C to +80°C

Intermittent temp: Up to +150°C intermittent

Seal: Neoprene

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories (UL Approval) – Cert. no: E178501(N)

Canadian standards
(CSA Approval) – Cert. no: 1454383

VDE Approval DIN EN 50262 (VDE 0619)

Properies of plastic cable glands: Gross density DIN 53457: 1.14g/cm3

Chemical characteristics:
Resistant to:
Acids – high concentrate (conditionally resistant) Acids – low concentrate
Fuel DIN gasoline/super
Fuel DIN diesel
Mineral oil
Vegetable oils and fats

Note: 20mm and above do not come with locknuts - see related products

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Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
CG/LNM16LT-BLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 16mm Black 5050291003261403455317
CGM20LLTBLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 20mm Black15050291067645N/A
CGM20LLTGLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 20mm Grey15050291067652N/A
CGM20LLTRLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 20mm Red15050291067669N/A
CGM20LLTWLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 20mm White15050291067676N/A
CGM25LLTBLong Thread Polyamide Cable Gland 25mm Black15050291068345N/A

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