RSFJ302-50 BLK
RSFJ302-50 BLK
RSFJ302-50 BLK



C106 copper with a low smoke & fume coating available in a range of colours to secure MICC cabling

Pack Quantity: 50

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
RSFJ302-50 BLKPlastic Coated Saddles Black505050291065856N/A
RSFJ302-50 REDPlastic Coated Saddles Red505050291065863N/A
RSFJ302-50 WHIPlastic Coated Saddles White505050291065870N/A
RSFJ342-50 BLKPlastic Coated Saddles Black505050291065931N/A
RSFJ342-50 REDPlastic Coated Saddles Red505050291065887N/A
RSFJ342-50 WHIPlastic Coated Saddles White505050291065894N/A
RSFJ382-50 BLKPlastic Coated Saddles Black505050291065900N/A
RSFJ382-50 REDPlastic Coated Saddles Red505050291065917N/A
RSFJ382-50 WHIPlastic Coated Saddles White505050291065924N/A
RSFJ422-50 BLKPlastic Coated Saddles Black505050291065948N/A
RSFJ422-50 REDPlastic Coated Saddles Red505050291065955N/A
RSFJ422-50 WHIPlastic Coated Saddles White505050291065962N/A

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