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A range of plastic coated clips to compliment fire resistant type cables in securing them to any range of surfaces

Pack Quantity: 50

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
RCHJ30-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065245N/A
RCHJ30-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065252N/A
RCHJ30-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065269N/A
RCHJ30-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065276N/A
RCHJ32-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065283N/A
RCHJ32-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065290N/A
RCHJ32-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065306N/A
RCHJ32-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065313N/A
RCHJ34-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065320N/A
RCHJ34-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065337N/A
RCHJ34-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065344N/A
RCHJ34-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065351N/A
RCHJ37-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065368N/A
RCHJ37-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065375N/A
RCHJ37-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065382N/A
RCHJ37-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065399N/A
RCHJ40-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065436N/A
RCHJ40-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065405N/A
RCHJ40-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065412N/A
RCHJ40-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065429N/A
RCHJ43-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065443N/A
RCHJ43-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065450N/A
RCHJ43-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065467N/A
RCHJ43-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065474N/A
RCHJ47-50 BLKPlastic Coated P Clips Black 5050291065481N/A
RCHJ47-50 ORAPlastic Coated P Clips Orange5050291065498N/A
RCHJ47-50 REDPlastic Coated P Clips Red5050291065504N/A
RCHJ47-50 WHIPlastic Coated P Clips White5050291065511N/A

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