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Heatshrink Spreader Caps



Spreader caps are designed for the insulation and pressure proof sealing of cable crutches and provide resistance to abrasion, weathering and chemical attack. Shrink parts must be selected about 5mm larger than the cable diameter.


• Highly flame retardant material
• With hot-melt adhesive to prevent moisture and contaminants ingress
• Pressure and humidity proof
• Outstanding mechanical, chemical and electrical properties
• U.V resistant
• Minimum shrink temperature: 125°C
• Operating temperature: -30°C to +135°C
• Cross linked polyolefin, free of lead, cadmium and halogen
• Unlimited storage life
• Colour: black
• RoHS Compliant

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
HSC2-30-152 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291291972381085854
HSC2-50-122 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291291989381085867
HSC2-87-432 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291033145403455401
HSC3-25-93 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291291996381085883
HSC3-31-153 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292009403449527
HSC3-55-313 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292016381085922
HSC3-75-283 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291069182403449530
HSC3-110-353 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291276283403449514
HSC4-28-94 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292023403449543
HSC4-35-124 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292030381085951
HSC4-47-234 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292047381085977
HSC4-60-234 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292054403449556
HSC4-78-364 Core Heatshrink Spreader Cap5050291292061403449569

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