Heatshrink Cable End Caps


Cable end caps are designed to seal the end of cables and protect them against the ingress of moisture and contamination. They can provide pressure and humidity
proof sealing of cables and conduit.


‚Äč• With hot-melt adhesive to prevent moisture and contamination ingress
• Pressure and humidity proof
• Outstanding mechanical, chemical and electrical properties
• U.V resistant
• Minimum shrink temp: 125°C
• Operating temp: -30°C to +135°C
• Cross linked polyolefin, free of lead, cadmium and halogen
• Unlimited storage life
• Colour: black
• RoHS Compliant


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
HEC10-4Heatshrink End Cap5050291010825381085980
HEC16-6Heatshrink End Cap5050291010863381086002
HEC25-9Heatshrink End Cap5050291010870402818353
HEC26-11Heatshrink End Cap5050291010887381086028
HEC40-17Heatshrink End Cap5050291010894381086031
HEC57-22Heatshrink End Cap5050291010900381086044
HEC75-32Heatshrink End Cap5050291010917381086057
HEC105-45Heatshrink End Cap5050291010832381086060
HEC148-57Heatshrink End Cap5050291010849387329404
HEC158-63Heatshrink End Cap5050291010856381086073

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