Heat Resistant Sleeving EU-Pack


EU Packs contain 1M Blue & 1M Brown heat resistant sleeving

Acrylglass is a saturated acrylic braided glass sleeving designed for thermal protection of hose, pipes and cable assembles. The braided tubular glass reinforced has a construction that allows a degree of expansion and is manufactured from E glass yarn. The glass sleeve is coated with an acrylic resin, which is solvent free and provides a high operating temperature and resistance to automotive related and other fluids.

Thermal protection of: cables, wires - low voltage
Applications: automotive wiring, domestic appliances, class F induction motors, winding leads out, joints 1kV.
Technical Data:
Flammability: Non-burning. Glass yarns are incombustible.
Operating temperature: 155°C
Heat shock: (4 hours at 155°C) no dripping or flowing.
Electric strength at 20OC: 1.0kV/1 min. IEC684-2
• Diameters 0.5 - 20mm
• Self-extinguishing
• Operating temperature 155°C
• Electric strength 1.0kV
• Low thermal conductivity
• Retains mechanical properties at high temp
• Rot proof, resistant to fungus
• Resistance to many fluids
• Supplied in coils, reels, cut lengths and packs
• RoHS Compliant

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