Heat Resistant Sleeving


Acrylglass is a saturated acrylic braided glass sleeving designed for thermal protection of hose, pipes and cable assembles. The braided tubular glass reinforced sleeving has a construction that allows a degree of expansion and is manufactured from 'E' glass yarn.

The glass sleeve is coated with an acrylic resin, which is solvent free and provides a high operating temperature and resistance to automotive related and other fluids.


Thermal protection of cables, wires – low voltage

Applications: automotive wiring, domestic appliances, class F induction motors, winding leads out, joints 1kV.

Technical Data:

Flammability: Non-burning. Glass yarns are incombustible. Operating temperature: 155°C
Heat shock: (4 hours at 155°C) no dripping or flowing Electric strength at 20°C: 1.0kV/1 min. IEC 684-2


  • Self-extinguishing
  • Operating temperature: +155°C
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Retains mechanical properties at high temperature
  • Rot-proof, resistant to fungus
  • Resistance to many fluids
  • Supplied in coils, reels, cut lengths and packs
  • RoHS Compliant


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
HRS2BHeat Resistant Sleeving 2mm Black5050291024051381076766
HRS4BHeat Resistant Sleeving 4mm Black5050291026017381076779
HRS4RHeat Resistant Sleeving 4mm Red5050291011327381076847
HRS4BROHeat Resistant Sleeving 4mm Brown5050291054041403449417
HRS4BLUHeat Resistant Sleeving 4mm Blue5050291011303403449394
HRS4 WHITEHeat Resistant Sleeving 4mm White5050291060769N/A
HRS6BHeat Resistant Sleeving 6mm Black5050291011051381076782
HRS6RHeat Resistant Sleeving 6mm Red5050291024112381076834
HRS6BROHeat Resistant Sleeving 6mm Brown5050291054034403449462
HRS6BLUHeat Resistant Sleeving 6mm Blue5050291054027403449446
HRS6WHeat Resistant Sleeving 6mm White5050291011204403449488
HRS8BHeat Resistant Sleeving 8mm Black5050291011853381076795
HRS8RHeat Resistant Sleeving 8mm Red5050291033985381076821
HRS10BHeat Resistant Sleeving 10mm Black5050291011280381076805
HRS12BHeat Resistant Sleeving 12mm Black5050291024020387329873
HRS12RHeat Resistant Sleeving 12mm Red5050291054287387329886
HRS16BHeat Resistant Sleeving 16mm Black5050291024037403449501

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