400mm+ TQ Range - Copper Tube Terminals


Application: Un-insulated heavy duty terminals suitable for power cables up to 1000 volts

Material: Manufactured from seamless copper tube to BS EN 12449:1999

Finish: Electro Tin plated to BS 1872:1974

  • All terminals are manufactured from 99 .5% copper and fully annealed to ensure optimum ductility to avoid severe deformation such as cracking and splitting when crimped
  • Terminals are supplied with an inspection window which enables the user to ensure full and correct insertion of the conductor and a flared entry ensures a smooth transition from terminal to conductor
  • Internal barrel diameters suit standard cables as defined in BS 6360
  • All SWA terminals are identified on the palm with cable size (and stud hole size) to ensure correct selection of the appropriate tool and dies

Approved to: BS EN 61238-1:2003 Grade A

Certified by: Dekra International

All SWA Copper Tube Terminals are despatched in sealed SWA branded bags to ensure quality & traceability for our customers

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
400-10TQCopper Tube Terminal 400mm X M10 Hole505029105769119200464
400-12TQCopper Tube Terminal 400mm X M12 Hole50502910487361988422
400-14TQCopper Tube Terminal 400mm X M14 Hole50502910577071988451
400-16TQCopper Tube Terminal 400mm X M16 Hole50502910487431988480
400-20TQCopper Tube Terminal 400mm X M20 Hole50502910571721988516
500-12TQCopper Tube Terminal 500mm X M12 Hole5050291048750402813167
500-14TQCopper Tube Terminal 500mm X M14 Hole5050291035040402813235
500-16TQCopper Tube Terminal 500mm X M16 Hole5050291048767402813280
500-20TQCopper Tube Terminal 500mm X M20 Hole5050291052481403451065
630-12TQCopper Tube Terminal 630mm X M12 Hole5050291054294402813303
630-16TQCopper Tube Terminal 630mm X M16 Hole5050291048804402813345
630-20TQCopper Tube Terminal 630mm X M20 Hole5050291053150402813361

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