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Uninsulated Bootlace Ferrules


Material: Electrolytic Copper - purity grade 99.9%

Technical Standards: DIN 462284/4 (insulated) DIN 46228/1 (uninsulated)

Resistance to external agents - good resistance to bases and weak acids . Limited resistance to strong oxidising acids, oil and mineral oils. Not resistant to chlorinated solvents

Product CodeDescription
0.50-10UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 0.5mm²
0.75-8UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 0.75mm²
1.0-8UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 1.0mm²
1.0-10UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 1.0mm²
1.5-8UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 1.5mm²
2.5-10UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 2.5mm²
2.5-12UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrules 2.5 x 12mm²
4-9UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 4.0mm²
6-15UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 6.0mm²
10-12UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 10 x 12mm²
16-15UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 16mm²
25-18UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 25mm²
35-18UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 35mm²
50-25UBLFUninsulated Bootlace Ferrule 50mm²

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