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Polyamide Gland Accessories


Plastic Locknuts:

Material: Polyamide 6 (halogen free) Trade name: Ultramid B

Operating temp range: -30°C to +80°C

Intermittent temp: Up to +150°C intermittent

Properies of plastic cable glands: Gross density DIN 53457: 1.14g/cm3

Chemical characteristics:
Resistant to:
Acids – high concentrate (conditionally resistant) Acids – low concentrate
Fuel DIN gasoline/super
Fuel DIN diesel
Mineral oil
Vegetable oils and fats

Black Nylon Washer:

Designed to extend/maintain the IP rating of the gland

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
M16 BWM16 Black Rubber washer
M20 BWM20 Rubber Washer
M25-BWM25 Rubber Washer 395795224
M32 BWM32 Rubber Washer
M40BWM40 Black Rubber Washer395795240
M50 BWM50 Black Rubber washer
PLNM12BLPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294164387325424
PLNM12WPolyamide Locknut White5050291294188387325479
PLNM12GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294171387325453
PLNM16BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294195381075974
PLNM16GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294218381075987
PLNM20BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294232381076025
PLNM20GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294256381076041
PLNM25GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294317381076070
PLNM16DGPolyamide Locknut Dark Grey5050291294201403450011
PLNM16WPolyamide Locknut White5050291294225381076009
PLNM20BLUEPolyamide Locknut Blue5050291294249387325495
PLNM20RPolyamide Locknut Red5050291294263381076054
PLNM20WPolyamide Locknut White5050291294270381076012
PLNM25BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294287381076067
PLNM25BLUEPolyamide Locknut Blue5050291294294387325505
PLNM25DGPolyamide Locknut Dark Grey5050291294300403450024
PLNM25WPolyamide Locknut White5050291294324381076096
PLNM32BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294331381076119
PLNM32GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294348381076135
PLNM32WPolyamide Locknut White5050291294355381076106
PLNM40BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294362387325521
PLNM40GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294379387325547
PLNM50BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294386387325576
PLNM50GPolyamide Locknut Grey5050291294393387325592
PLNM63BPolyamide Locknut Black5050291294409387325628

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