PG Polyamide Gland


Material: Polyamide 6 (halogen free) Trade name: Ultramid B

Protection class: IP68 5 bar

Operating temp range: -30°C to +80°C

Intermittent temp: Up to +150°C intermittent

Seal: Neoprene

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories (UL Approval) – Cert. no: E178501(N)

Canadian standards
(CSA Approval) – Cert. no: 1454383

VDE Approval DIN EN 50262 (VDE 0619)

Properies of plastic cable glands: Gross density DIN 53457: 1.14g/cm3

Chemical characteristics:
Resistant to:
Acids – high concentrate (conditionally resistant) Acids – low concentrate
Fuel DIN gasoline/super
Fuel DIN diesel
Mineral oil
Vegetable oils and fats

Locknuts supplied separately – Part No. PLNPG(size)-(colour) e.g. PLNPG7-G

*Specify colour required

Standard colours: black (RAL 9005), dark grey (RAL 7001), light grey (RAL 7035), white (RAL 9003), red (RAL 3020), blue (RAL 5015).
(N.B colours limited on certain sizes)

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Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
CGPG7BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004510381075754
CGPG7GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004534381075741
CGPG7DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004527403448081
CGPG9BLACKPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004541381075767
CGPG9GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004572381075770
CGPG9BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland Blue5050291004558387325709
CGPG9DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004565403448094
CGPG11BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004237381075796
CGPG11GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004251381075783
CGPG11DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004244403448010
CGPG13.5BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004268381075819
CGPG13.5GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004305381075806
CGPG13.5DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004282403448023
CGPG16BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004336381075822
CGPG16GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004350381075835
CGPG16DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004343403448036
CGPG21BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004367381075851
CGPG21GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004381381075848
CGPG29BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004398381075864
CGPG29GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004428381075877
CGPG21DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004374403448049
CGPG29BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland Blue5050291004404387325754
CGPG29DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004411403448052
CGPG36GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004459381075880
CGPG36DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004442403448065
CGPG36BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004435381075893
CGPG36BLUEPolyamide Cable Gland Blue
CGPG42BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004466387325783
CGPG42GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004480387325806
CGPG42DGPolyamide Cable Gland Dark Grey5050291004473403448078
CGPG48GPolyamide Cable Gland Grey5050291004503387325835
CGPG48BPolyamide Cable Gland Black5050291004497387325819

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