Coloured Cable Ties


Suitable for a variety of applications, such as cable binding or harnessing

  • Manufactured from UL approved virgin nylon 6/6
  • General operating temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • Flammability rating: UL94V-2 (self-extinguishing within 30 seconds)
  • UV resistant for outdoor use (black ties only)
  • Black ties are halogen free
  • RoHS compliant
Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
CT100-2.5BLUBlue Cable Tie 100 X 2.5mm1005050291004992387301147
CT100-2.5GREGreen Cable Tie 100 X 2.5mm1005050291005005387301150
CT100-2.5ORAOrange Cable Tie 100X 2.5mm1005050291005043387301176
CT100-2.5YELYellow Cable Tie 100 X 2.5mm1005050291005067387301202
CT100-2.5REDRed Cable Tie 100 X 2.5mm1005050291005050387301192
CT160-2.5BLUBlue Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm1005050291005210388798733
CT160-2.5GREGreen Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm1005050291005227388798746
CT160-2.5ORAOrange Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm1005050291005241388798759
CT160-2.5YELYellow Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm1005050291005265388798775
CT160-2.5REDRed Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm1005050291005258388798762
CT200-2.5BLUBlue Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm1005050291005326387301325
CT200-2.5GREGreen Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm1005050291005333387301341
CT200-2.5ORAOrange Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm1005050291005364387301367
CT200-2.5YELYellow Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm1005050291005388387301383
CT200-2.5REDRed Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm1005050291005371387301370
CT200-4.8BLUBlue Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291005456387301396
CT200-4.8GREGreen Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291005470387301419
CT200-4.8YELYellow Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291040785387301448
CT200-4.8ORGOrange Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291005524387301422
CT200-4.8REDRed Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291005548387301435
CT200-4.8BROWNBrown Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm1005050291005463387301406
CT300-4.8BLUEBlue Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005739387301451
CT300-4.8GREENGreen Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005746387301464
CT300-4.8REDRed Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005784387301480
CT300-4.8SVRSilver Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005791387301503
CT300-4.8ORANGEOrange Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005777387301477
CT300-4.8YELYellow Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm1005050291005807387301493

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