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Black Cable Ties


Suitable for a variety of applications, such as cable binding or harnessing

  • Manufactured from UL approved virgin nylon 6/6
  • General operating temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • Flammability rating: UL94V-2 (self-extinguishing within 30 seconds)
  • UV resistant for outdoor use (black ties only)
  • Black ties are halogen free
  • RoHS compliant
Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
CT100-2.5BBlack Cable Tie 100 X 2.5mm50502910810091983980
CT120-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 120 X 4.8mm5050291030328388799143
CT140-3.6BBlack Cable Tie 140 X 3.6mm50502910810231984028
CT160-2.5BBlack Cable Tie 160 X 2.5mm50502910811601984060
CT160-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 160 X 4.8mm50502910813681984109
CT200-2.5BBlack Cable Tie 200 X 2.5mm50502910811841984141
CT200-3.6BBlack Cable Tie 200 X 3.6mm50502910813821984183
CT200-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 200 X 4.8mm50502910810471984222
CT200-7.8BBlack Cable Tie 200 X 7.8mm5050291030656
CT240-7.8BBlack Cable Tie 240 X 7.8mm50502910306701984264
CT250-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 250 X 4.8mm50502910307001989117
CT300-3.6BBlack Cable Tie 300 X 3.6mm50502910812211984303
CT300-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 300 X 4.8mm50502910810921984345
CT300-7.8BBlack Cable Tie 300 X 7.8mm50502910812521984387
CT370-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 370 X 4.8mm50502910811391984426
CT370-7.8BBlack Cable Tie 370 X 7.8mm50502910811221984468
CT430-4.8BBlack Cable Tie 430 X 4.8mm505029103092221410598
CT450-8.0BBlack Cable Tie 450 X 8.0mm5050291271332388266113
CT500-12.6BBlack Cable Tie 500 X 12.6mm5050291030960388266074
CT530-9.0BBlack Cable Tie 530 X 9mm5050291052450402816407
CT540-8.0BBlack Cable Tie 540 X 8.0mm50502910812831984507
CT750-8.0BBlack Cable Tie 750 X 8.0mm50502910814501984549
CT780-9.0BBlack Cable Tie 780 X 9.0mm50502910812901984581
CT1000-12.6BBlack Cable Tie 1000 X 12.6mm5050291030304381072171

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