PVC1.5 G-Y
PVC1.5 G-Y

PVC Sleeving


PVC sleeving is supplied in a wide range of sizes and colours. In addition to the size range shown we can
supply alternative diameters and wall thickness to meet particular applications as required.
A versatile material in common use ideal for cable or harnessing covering.

Continuous operating temp: -20°C to 70°C
Insulation resistance: 1010 Ohm/cm
Dielectric Strength: 20kV/mm
Tensile Strength: 15MPa
Elongation at break: 220%
Hardness: BSS20-30
Flammability: Self-extinguishing
RoHS compliant

NB. 85°C and 105°C rated sleeving only available to special order

Can be supplied in alternative wall thickness or on reels to special order

All sizes available in cut lengths (subject to minimum order quantities)

Standard colours: black (Blk), red (Red), blue (Blu), white (Whi), green/yellow (G/Y), brown (Bro),
yellow (Yel) and grey (Gry)

Other sizes and colours available may be subject to minimum order - green, violet, orange, pink and clear.

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
PVC1.5 G/Y1.5mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291045513N/A
PVC2 BLK2mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035798381076672
PVC2 BLUE2mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291041805387330011
PVC2 BROWN2mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291057936387330037
PVC2 G/Y2mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291035804N/A
PVC2 GREY2mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291051828387330053
PVC2 GREEN2mm PVC Sleeving Green5050291044714387330040
PVC2 RED2mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291035811387330066
PVC2 WHI2mm PVC Sleeving White5050291064002387330095
PVC3 BLK3mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035866381076685
PVC3 BLUE3mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291041812387330396
PVC3 BROWN3mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291052320387330406
PVC3 G/Y3mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291035873N/A
PVC3 GREY3mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058056387330448
PVC3 GREEN3mm PVC Sleeving Green5050291041799387330419
PVC3 RED3mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291035880387330451
PVC3 YELLOW3mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291041829387330480
PVC3 WHI3mm PVC Sleeving White5050291035897387330477
PVC4 BLK4mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035903381076698
PVC4 BLUE4mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291035910387330493
PVC4 BRO4mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291035927387330503
PVC4 G/Y4mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow50502910359341989586
PVC4 GREY4mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058063387330529
PVC4 GREEN4mm PVC Sleeving Green5050291045537387330516
PVC4 RED4mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291035941387330532
PVC4 YEL4mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291043519387330561
PVC4 WHI4mm PVC Sleeving White5050291035958387330558
PVC5 BLK5mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035965381076740
PVC5 BLU5mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291044585387330574
PVC5 BRO5mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291057943387330587
PVC5 G/Y5mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291035972381073921
PVC5 GREY5mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058537387330613
PVC5 RED5mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291035989387330626
PVC5 YEL5mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291044578387330655
PVC6 BLK6mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035996381076753
PVC6 BLU6mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291040464387330668
PVC6 BRO6mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291057950387330671
PVC6 G/Y6mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291036016381073934
PVC6 GREY6mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058070387330710
PVC6 RED6mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291036023387330723
PVC6 YEL6mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291040471387330794
PVC6 WHI6mm PVC Sleeving White5050291044790387330778
PVC8 BLK8mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291036078381076737
PVC8 BLUE8mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291047548387330804
PVC8 BROWN8mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291058285387330820
PVC8 G/Y8mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291036092381073947
PVC8 GREY8mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058292387330888
PVC8 RED8mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291036108387330901
PVC8 YELLOW8mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291047531387330985
PVC8 WHITE8mm PVC Sleeving White5050291060127387330956
PVC10 BLK10mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291035699381076711
PVC10 BLUE10mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291046442387331078
PVC10 BROWN10mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291058278387331094
PVC10 G/Y10mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291035712381073950
PVC10 GREY10mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058308387331133
PVC10 RED10mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291035729387331146
PVC10 YEL10mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291046459387331227
PVC10 GREEN10mm PVC Sleeving Green5050291049863387331117
PVC10 WHI1omm PVC Sleeving White5050291035736387331191
PVC12 BLK12mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291049030387331243
PVC12 BLUE12mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291058490387331285
PVC12 BROWN12mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291058469387331298
PVC12 G/Y12mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291046541387331528
PVC12 GREY12mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291058629387331353
PVC12 RED12mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291052375387331379
PVC12 YELLOW12mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291058605387331447
PVC15 G/Y15mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291048989N/A
PVC16 BLK16mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291051606N/A
PVC16 BRO16mm PVC Sleeving Brown5050291032117N/A
PVC16 G/Y16mm PVC Sleeving Green/Yellow5050291034197N/A
PVC16 GREY16mm PVC Sleeving Grey5050291038584N/A
PVC16 BLUE16mm PVC Sleeving Blue5050291034203N/A
PVC16 RED16mm PVC Sleeving Red5050291051620N/A
PVC16 YELLOW16mm PVC Sleeving Yellow5050291035521N/A
PVC20BLK20mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291050449N/A
PVC25BLK25mm PVC Sleeving Black5050291050456N/A

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