Firefly Selekt A Bag Range


All cables must be supported by metal fixings to prevent premature collapse in the event of a fire

Firefly Clips & Cleats supplied in handy polybags

Quantity Per Bag: 10


  • A Firefighters Plea
Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
FFC1-PK10Firefly Internal Trunking Clip 16 X 16mm105050291102216407230237
FFC2-PK10Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 25 X 16mm105050291102315407230240
FFC4-PK10Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 40 X 22mm105050291102421407230266
FFC1EXTW-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 16 X 16mm White105050291102193407230224
FFC1EXTR-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 16 X 16mm Red105050291102179407230211
FFC2EXTW-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 25 X 16mm White105050291102308407230208
FFC2EXTR-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 25 X 16mm Red105050291102285407230198
FFC4EXTW-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 40 X 25mm White105050291102414N/A
FFC4EXTR-PK10Firefly External Trunking Clips 40 X 25mm Red105050291102391407230172
FFRC20B-PK10Firefly Round Conduit Clips 20mm Black105050291103398407230282
FFRC20W-PK10Firefly Round Conduit Clips 20mm White 105050291103411N/A
FFRC25B-PK10Firefly Round Conduit Clips 25mm Black 105050291103435407230305
FFRC25W-PK10Firefly Round Conduit Clips 25mm White 105050291103459407230318
FFCC20WKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 20mm White105050291102490N/A
FFCC20BKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 20mm Black105050291102476N/A
FFCC25WKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 25mm White105050291102537N/A
FFCC25BKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 25mm Black505050291102513N/A
FFCC32WKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 32mm White105050291102575N/A
FFCC32BKH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Conduit Clip 32mm Black105050291102551N/A
FFAMC1220-PK10Firefly Adjustable Metal Cleat 12.7 - 20mm105050291101998407230321
FFMC11-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 25.3 - 27.7mm105050291102667407230376
FFMC12-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 27.6 - 30.5mm 105050291102711407230389
FFMC14-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 30.4 - 35.5mm105050291102766407230392
FFMC5-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 10.1 - 12.7mm105050291102902407230143
FFMC6-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 12.6 - 15.7mm105050291102957407230253
FFMC7-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 15.1 - 17.8mm 105050291103008407230334
FFMC8-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 17.7 - 20.3mm 105050291103053407230347
FFMC9-PK10Firefly Metal Cleat 20.2 - 22.8mm 105050291103107407230350
FFMC5KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 10.1 - 12.7mm105050291102896N/A
FFMC7KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 15.1 - 17.8mm105050291102995414498512
FFMC8KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 17.7 - 20.3mm105050291103046414498525
FFMC9KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 20.2 - 22.8mm 105050291103091414498538
FFMC10KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 22.7 - 25.4mm105050291102605N/A
FFMC11KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 25.3 - 27.7mm105050291102650414498554
FFMC12KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 27.6 - 30.5mm105050291102704414498570
FFMC14KH-PK10Quick-Fit Keyhole Metal Cleat 30.4 - 35.5mm105050291102759414498583
FFBC1-PK10Firefly Buckle Clip For Two Cables 8 - 8.5mm Dia.105050291102049407230279
FFBC1W-PK10Firefly Buckle Clip For Two Cables 8.0 - 8.5mm White105050291102063N/A
FFBCW-PK10Firefly White Buckle Clip For Cable Dia. 8.0 - 8.5mm Pack of 10105050291102094N/A
FFMHC75-PK10Firefly Multi-Hold Clip 75 X 25mm 105050291103152407230156
FFMHC100-PK10Firefly Multi-Hold Clip 100 X 30mm105050291103138407230169

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