Firefly Clips


For plastic trunking and other applications. Protecting lives in the event of building fires. Complies to BS 7671 Amend 3.

Made from high precision components, designed and manufactured for the protection of lives and to fully meet the requirements of the BS7671:2015 Wiring Regulations to secure all surface cables in escape routes, preventing fire-fighters and people escaping burning buildings from becoming entangled.

The full range includes a variety of clips to secure cables both inside and outside trunking and conduits.

  • Spring-loaded design for easy addition and removal

  • Zinc plated and white powder coated steel

  • Melt point over 1000C

FFC2,3,4,5,6 / FFC-MS4737M

Pack Quantity: 100


Pack Quantity: 50


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
FFC1Firefly Internal Trunking Clip 16 X 16mm1005050291102100N/A
FFC2Firefly Internal Trunking Clip 25 X 16mm 1005050291009218401611991
FFC3Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 40 X 16mm1005050291009270401612330
FFC4Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 40 X 25mm1005050291009287401612385
FFC5Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 40 X 40mm1005050291009348401612437
FFC6Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 50 X 25mm1005050291009355401612440
FFC8Firefly Internal Trunking Clips 50 X 50mm505050291009362401612534
FFC2-EXTFirefly External Trunking Clip 25 X 16mm 1005050291009232401612589
FFC4-EXTFirefly External Trunking Clips 40 X 25mm1005050291009300401612644
FFC-MS4737MFirefly Masonry Screws and Washers 4.7 X 37mm1005050291009379401661077
FFC-CFSMFirefly Metal Cavity Fixings & Screws505050291088299N/A

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