EarthingNuts™- are a convenient way of terminating armoured cable glands. By eliminating drilling for earth bolts, the enclosures IP rating is retained. Also, the simplified one-tool-per-stage fitment helps installers complete jobs quicker, with less chance of injury or damage to existing cables. The EarthingNuts are designed with unique cutting teeth which bite into the box wall so that the gland can be tightened from the outside. These teeth also provide a voltage equalising connection to metal enclosures, scraping off paint and easily maintaining EMI Shielding. This method provides a superior electrical connection when compared to using the traditional earth tag (banjo).

SWA Taurus Gland & EarthingNut Install Demo

SWA Cable Gland: Earthing Nut vs Conventional Banjo and Lock Nut for Cable Glands.

We should also mention...

Our EarthingNut locknuts ar supplied with grub screw(s) , connecting bolt, and an Allen key.

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