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Bare Copper Tape


High conductivity copper tape

Approved to BS 1432:1987

Bare Copper 25 x 3 mm

Available by the metre in pre-cut lengths

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
BCT253-1Bare Copper Tape - 1m Coil403447053
BCT253-2Bare Copper Tape - 2m Coil403447163
BCT253-3Bare Copper Tape - 3m Coil403447228
BCT253-4Bare Copper Tape - 4m Coil403447231
BCT253-5Bare Copper Tape - 5m Coil403447244
BCT253-6Bare Copper Tape - 6m Coil403447257
BCT253-7Bare Copper Tape - 7m Coil403447260
BCT253-8Bare Copper Tape - 8m Coil403447273
BCT253-9Bare Copper Tape - 9m Coil403447286
BCT253-10Bare Copper Tape - 10m Coil403447066
BCT253-11Bare Copper Tape - 11m Coil403447079
BCT253-12Bare Copper Tape - 12m Coil403447082
BCT253-13Bare Copper Tape - 13m Coil403447095
BCT253-14Bare Copper Tape - 14m Coil403447105
BCT253-15Bare Copper Tape - 15m Coil403447118
BCT253-16Bare Copper Tape - 16m Coil403447121
BCT253-17Bare Copper Tape - 17m Coil403447134
BCT253-18Bare Copper Tape - 18m Coil403447147
BCT253-19Bare Copper Tape - 19m Coil403447150
BCT253-20Bare Copper Tape - 20m Coil403447176
BCT253-21Bare Copper Tape - 21m Coil403447189
BCT253-22Bare Copper Tape - 22m Coil403447192
BCT253-23Bare Copper Tape - 23m Coil403447202
BCT253-24Bare Copper Tape - 24m Coil403447215
BCT253-25Bare Copper Tape - 25m Coil392021386

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