Shear Bolt Splices


Only 3 sizes of connector required to cover conductors 10 to 300mm 2

• Greatly reduces installation time - no need for crimp tools, only impact driver with allen key
• The best connections for voltages up to 36kV
• Suitable for both copper or aluminium - stranded or solid
• Innovative slip-disc base design to ensure no damage to the conductors
• Bolts always shear-off below barrel of terminal- 98 seperate breaking points
• Guaranteed electrical and mechanical connection

SICON - The Bolted Connector with Stepless Shear Bolts for Low and Medium Voltage Cables .

Technical Features:
• Large clamping range: 10 - 95mm 2;25 - 150mm2;50 - 240mm 2;95 - 300mm 2;300 - 630mm 2;6 - 3/0 kcm; 2 - 250 kcm; 1/0 - 500 kcm; 4/0 - 600 kcm; 500 - 1000 kcm (others on request)
• Centric cable guide with different centering sleeves
• Conductor channels with transverse groove and protection against conductor oxidation
• Blind hole designed as pressure-resistant oil barrier for impregnated cables
• Compact design: Rounded edges and flat transitions suitable for slide-on and shrink sleeves
• Contact technology type-tested to IEC 61238-1
• Proven in joint tests to HD 629 and in 18-month endurance test

  • Wide application range for each connector
  • Can be used on copper or aluminium conductors up to 36kV
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • Reduces installation time,
  • no need for crimp tools


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
SBS10-95Shear Bolt In-Line Splice Connector 10 - 95mm²5050291017763393026380
SBS50-240Shear Bolt In-Line Splice Connector 50 - 240mm²5050291017770393026393
SBS95-300Shear Bolt In-Line Splice Connector 95 - 300mm²5050291017787393026403

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