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Push-Back Jacket


Ideal product to support and protect cable harnesses

Offers superb flexibility

Available in black or grey

Fumes toxicity: Passes CEI 754-1 and CEI 754-2 Halogen free

Fumes opacity: Passes NF C 20452 (Polymer)

Chemical resistance: Unaffected by most chemicals

: Polyester – size 0.22mm
Melting point: +250°C
Limiting oxygen index: 34%

Operating temp: -50°C to +150°C

Flame resistance: Passes flame requirement of CEI 332-1 and FMVSS 302 (Type A) 12 according to NF F 16-101

Product CodeDescription
PBJ5BLK-100Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 100m
PBJ5GRY-100Pushback Cable Jacketing Grey 100m
PBJ10BLK-100Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 100m
PBJ10GRY-100Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 100m
PBJ12GRY-50Pushback Cable Jacketing Grey 50m
PBJ15BLK-50Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 50m
PBJ15GRY-50Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 100m
PBJ20BLK-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 25m
PBJ20GRY-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Grey 25m
PBJ25BLK-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 25m
PBJ25GRY-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Grey 25m
PBJ30BLK-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 25m
PBJ40BLK-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 25m
PBJ40GRY-25Pushback Cable Jacketing Black 25m

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