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Wire Strippers, Mini Trunking Tools, Conduit Cutters


Wire Stripper – ESI

Sprung handle wire stripper for twin and earth cable
up to 2.5mm2 complete with crimping andcutter facility up to 6mm2

Wire Stripper – WS4

Sprung handle wire stripping tool for single cable 0.5mm2 - 4mm2

Wire Stripper / Cutter / Pliers – WSC6

Sprung wire stripper/cutter/pliers for single cable 0.5mm2 - 6mm2 complete with lockable jaws.

Cable Stripper – CCS359

Universal cable stripper for multi-conductor cable 3.2mm- 9mm diameter.

Wire Stripper – WS026

Automatic wire stripper with adjustable stripping length and jaw tension control. Self- adjusting with hardened steel blades. Integral wire cutter (for single wires). Suitable for cables 0.2mm2 - 6mm2

Trunking / Conduit Cutter – M42

Hand ratchet cutter for both mini trunking and round PVC conduit up to maximum diameter 32mm. Complete

with mitre block for mini trunking

Product CodeDescription
ESISprung Handle Wire Stripper for Twin & Earth Cable up to 2.5mm²
WS4Sprung Handle Wire Stripper for Single Cable up to 0.5 - 4mm²
WSC6Sprung Handle Wire Stripper/Cutter/Pliers for Single Cable up to 0.5 - 6mm² c/w Lockable Jaws
CCS359Universal Cable Stripper for Multi-conductor Cable 3.2 - 9mm Dia.
WS026Automatic Adjustable Wire Stripper Suitable 0.2 - 6mm²
M42Hand Ratchet Cutter for Trunking and PVC Conduit

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