CW Shroud


​CW standard and Low Smoke and Flame Shrouds

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
SHCW20SCW Gland Shroud5050291020183381082417
SHCW20CW Gland Shroud5050291020169381082433
SHCW32CW Gland Shroud5050291020206381082459
SHCW40CW Gland Shroud5050291020213381082462
SHCW50CW Gland Shroud5050291020237381082475
SHCW63CW Gland Shroud5050291020244381082488
SHCW75CW Gland Shroud5050291020268381082491
SHCW20S-LSFCW LSF Gland Shroud5050291020190403450875
SHCW20-LSFCW LSF Gland Shroud5050291020176403450862
SHCW40-LSFCW LSF Gland Shroud5050291020220403450888
SHCW63-LSFCW LSF Gland Shroud5050291020251403450891

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