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Adaptors and Reducers


Brass Reducers and Adaptors

SWA brass adaptors and reducers provide an effective method of connection between dissimilar threads or sizes.
Reducers reduce the thread entry diameter of an enclosure to accept a gland or fitting with a smaller or alternative thread. It should be noted that no more than one adaptor or reducer should be used at any one time.

Increased safety as standard - ATEX

Material: Brass BS 2874 :1985 CZ121‚Äč

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
M16MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 16-20mm5050291056595403449640
M20MXM16F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 20-16mm5050291056601387327684
M20MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 20-25mm5050291056588387327723
M25MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 25-20mm5050291033558387327781
M25MXM32F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 25-32mm
M32MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 32-20mm5050291033565387328308
M32MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 32-25mm5050291033572387328311
M40MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 40-20mm5050291033589387328340
M40MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 40-25mm5050291033596387328382
M40MXM32F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 40-32mm5050291033602387328421
M50MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 50-20mm5050291056618403449679
M50MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 50-25mm5050291043533387328489
M50MXM32F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 50-32mm5050291033619387328502
M50MXM40F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 50-40mm5050291033626387328544
M63MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 63-20mm
M63MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 63-25mm
M63MXM32F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 63-32mm5050291056649387328573
M63MXM40F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 63-40mm5050291056656387328612
M63MXM50F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 63-50mm5050291056632387328667
PG11MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG11-20mm5050291033718387328803
PG13.5MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG13.5-20mm5050291033725387328829
PG16MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG16-20mm5050291057684403449899
PG16MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG16-25mm5050291033732387328845
PG21MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG21-20mm5050291057271403449909
PG21MXM25F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG21-25mm5050291033749387328887
PG21MXM32F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG21-32mm5050291033756387328900
PG29MXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor PG29-20mm5050291033763387328939
1/2NPTMXM20F/EEXEBrass Adaptor 1/2 NPT to 20mm5050291033640
M32MXM40F-NNylon Adaptor 32 - 40mm5050291088435404763121
M32MXM40F-NPBrass Nickle Plated Adaptor 32 - 40mm5050291088428

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