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Tauras ALT BW Standard & LSF Glands


Tauras ALT BW Gland Packs

Application: Brass indoor gland suitable for all types of steel wire armoured cable (SWA), providing mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination.

Operating temp: PVC: -20°C to +130°C
LSF: -20°C to +130°C
Ingress protection: IP2X
Approval: BS 6121 Part 1:2005

Pack content: Gland(s), shroud(s), EarthingNut™(s) and crimp terminations

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
TBW20S PACK ALT-ENTauras BW20S ALT Gland Pack5050291089838
TBW20 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW20 ALT Gland Pack5050291089845
TBW25 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW25 ALT Gland Pack5050291089852
TBW32 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW32 ALT Gland Pack5050291098083
TBW40 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW40 ALT Gland Pack5050291089876
TBW50S PACK ALT-ENTauras BW50S ALT Gland Pack5050291089883
TBW50 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW50 ALT Gland Pack5050291089890
TBW63S PACK ALT-ENTauras BW63S ALT Gland Pack5050291089906
TBW63 PACK ALT-ENTauras BW63 ALT Gland Pack5050291089913
TBW20SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW20SLSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092012
TBW20LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW20LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092029
TBW25LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW25LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092036
TBW32LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW32LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092043
TBW40LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW40LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092050
TBW50SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW50SLSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092067
TBW50LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW50LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092074
TBW63SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW63SLSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092081
TBW63LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras BW63LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092098

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