Stainless Steel Banding Tape and Buckles


  • Type AISI304 stainless steel
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for fixing insulation, bundling and securing of cables and pipes

Similar Products

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
SSBT9Stainless Steel Banding Tape 9.5 X 30.5m5050291022088397133596
SSBT12Stainless Steel Banding Tape 12.7 X 30.5m5050291011495397133729
SSBT16Stainless Steel Banding Tape 16 X 30.5m5050291022071397133787
SSBT19Stainless Steel Banding Tape 19 X 30.5m5050291080255397133800
SSB9Stainless Steel Buckles 9.5mm1005050291011921397133826
SSB12Stainless Steel Buckles 12mm1005050291011907397133871
SSB16Stainless Steel Buckles 16mm1005050291011488397133897
SSB19Stainless Steel Buckles 19mm1005050291011914397133910

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