Polypropylene Cable Ties


For chemical resistance in indoor or for outdoor / weather resistant applications that are unsuitable for standard nylon cable ties

These ties can be used in areas where hydrochloric acid, salts and bases are present

Curved tip is easy to pick up from flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation

Maximum continuous operating temperature: 115°C

  • Outdoor Applications
  • Material Flammability Rating: UL94HB
  • Colour: Black
  • Indoor Applications
  • Material Flammability Rating: Not recognised
  • Colour: Green
Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
CT140-3.6G-PPGreen Polypropylene Indoor Cable Tie 140 X 3.6mm1005050291005166403451175
CT140-3.6B-PPBlack Polypropylene Outdoor Cable Tie 140 X 3.6mm1005050291005159403451162
CT188-4.8G-PPGreen Polypropylene Indoor Cable Tie 188 X 4.8mm 1005050291005302402817121
CT188-4.8B-PPBlack Polypropylene Outdoor Cable Tie 188 X 4.8mm 1005050291005296402816494
CT292-4.8G-PPGreen Polypropelene Indoor Cable Tie 292 X 4.8mm1005050291005685402817134
CT292-4.8B-PPBlack Polypropelene Outdoor Cable Tie 292 X 4.8mm1005050291005678402816588
CT368-4.8G-PPGreen Polypropelene Indoor Cable Tie 368 X 4.8mm1005050291005852402817147
CT368-4.8B-PPBlack Polypropelene Outdoor Cable Tie 368 X 4.8mm1005050291005845402816627

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