Metal Detectable Cable Ties


The metal content tie is a cable tie specifically designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.

A unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of metallic particles, enables the tie to be detected more readily than standard nylon ties.

  • Nylon tie incorporating a metallic compound throughout the length of the tie
  • Can be used as part of HACCP process
  • Blue in colour to assist in detection (RAL 5007)
  • Greatly reduces the risk of contamination

Material: Detectable ties of polyamide 6.6 Flame resistance in accordance with UL94V-HB (not self-extinguishing)

Temp range: -40°C to +65°C
Water absorption: Can absorb up to 8% when


Solution resistance: Solvents, oils, lubricants petroleum derivatives and Alkalis when used at low temperatures in low concentrates and for short periods of time.

Acids, Phenols and chlorinated solvents – No

SWA cannot guarantee that our products will be detectable by your metal detectors. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for any non-detection of our products or their parts. Delectability of our products depends on metal detector settings, and type of food products produced (product composition, size, humidity etc). In order to make sure that our detectable ties will be detected we strongly recommend that you test them on your detectors before use.

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
CT100-2.5MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 100x2.5mm5050291101509N/A
CT150-3.6MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 150X3.6mm5050291101516N/A
CT200-3.6MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 200X3.6mm5050291101523N/A
CT200-4.8MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 200x4.8mm5050291101530N/A
CT300-4.8MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 300X4.8mm5050291101547N/A
CT370-4.8MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 370x4.8mm5050291101554N/A
CT380-7.6MDMetal Detectable Cable Tie 380x7.6mm5050291101561N/A

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