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BICC Components - Trefoil Cleat - Aluminium Single Bolt


• Suitable for use with cables from 24 to 76mm in diameter
• Available in 33 sizes
• Can be used for all types of cable routes
• Supplied complete with top fastening
• Available as either single or two fixing design
• Plain finish for indoor dry normal industrial use or outdoor unpolluted areas
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +110°C Single fixing: Plain finish - ATFC type

These cleats are suitable for use at a maximum fault level of 30 kA rms.
Recommended maximum spacings: straight runs 900 mm, vertical bends 300 mm and horizontal bends on each support with , if necessary, intermediate unanchored cleats to limit restraint spacing to 300mm

Method of Fixing
In all applications the cleats should be mounted on one M10 fixing as appropriate.
It is essential that they are secured to supports capable of withstanding the prospective short circuit forces

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
ATFC25-27Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 25 - 27mm5050291079136403455207
ATFC28-30Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 28 - 30mm 5050291050197393547694
ATFC30-32Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 30 - 32mm 5050291049757393547704
ATFC32-34Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 32 - 34mm 5050291050166393547733
ATFC34-35Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 34 - 35mm 5050291045896393547746
ATFC35-36Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 35 - 36mm 5050291053167393547759
ATFC36-38Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 36 - 38mm 5050291046398393547762
ATFC38-39Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 38 - 39mm 393547775
ATFC40-41Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 40 - 41mm 5050291058865393547788
ATFC41-43Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 41 - 43mm 5050291038553393547801
ATFC43-44Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 43 - 44mm 5050291054331393547827
ATFC44-46Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 44 - 46mm 5050291053198393547830
ATFC46-48Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 46 - 48mm 5050291044066393547843
ATFC48-49Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 48 - 49mm 5050291044073393547869
ATFC49-51Aluminium Single Bolt Trefoil Cleat 49 - 51mm 5050291046381393547872

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