Sealing Compounds


Electrical Waterproof Compound - EWC1
Protects electrical connections from moisture and corrosive vapours and is widely used for a variety of electrical applications including work on junction and conduit boxes
Possesses good insulating properties and helps to prevent short circuits due to dampness
Non-hardening and does not shrink, crack or peel thereby allowing the compound to be readily removed and replaced safely by hand
Specific gravity at 15.5°C: 1.70
Flashpoint: +210°C
Operating temperature: -20°C to + 80°C
Working voltage: 1000 volts max.

Sealing Compound - RMX
For filling cavities and making air-tight and watertight joints, especially in electrical equipment to exclude moisture
Type: Non oxidizing resin/oil based compound suitably filled with inert mineral fillers
Appearance: Grey putty-like finish
Consistency: Putty-like
Flash Point: Minimum 200°C Temp
Range: 150°C continuous
Breakdown Strength: When tested in a cell with a 4mm gap at 18°C the compound withstood 25kV for 1 minute

Sealing Compoud - DUCTSEAL454
Universal sealing putty based on butyl rubber
Excellent sealing on almost every material - including metal, concrete, stone, wood, glass and ceramic
Firm consistency and easy modeling
High resistance to water, gas, sand and condensation
Temperature resistivity permanently to 80°C


Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
RMXSealing Compound 100g5050291016810381084237
EWC1Electrical Weatherproof Compound 500g5050291008594381072870
DUCTSEAL454Sealing Compound (100g)5050291101691N/A

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