LLFA Compression Tape

LLFA® Compression Tape can be used as a stand alone product. lt seals when applied with "maximum stretch", and gives mechanical protection when applied with "minimum stretch"


With LLFA® Compression Tape fusion, is almost instantaneous. This is an important factor when splicing or protecting
a connection that is subject to high humidity or even submergence

Dielectric strength: LLFA®40 = 400VPM (16,000V per 1mm)

Tensile strength: > 1200 PSI throughout temp range

Breaking strength: > 15 lbs
Tear resistance: > 125 PSI
Water absorption: << 0.5%
Temperature range: -90°C through to 260°C Elongation: > 325%

Track resistance: Prevent electrical conduction along its surface

UV resistance: Highly UV resistant Ozone resistance: Highly ozone resistant Durometer hardness: 55 - 65

Adhesion (Fusion): Standard requirement: "Tape shall not unwind more than 1.0 inch after 3 minutes with an attached load of 600g". Result: LLFA® Tape < 1 inch

Acids and alkaline: No negative effect from brief exposure to acid and alkaline and can withstand submersion up to 3 days

Self extinguishing: UL standard 94 rating V-0. Tested to IEEE383 and IEEE1212 for flammability – self extinguishes and will not propagate a flame

Smoke toxicity: NF X 70 - 100:2006 test results indicate a C.I.T. value of 5.20. BS6853:1999: Annex 8 test results indicate an R-value of 0.37

Water safety: BD6920 results indicate that LLFA®Tape is suitable for use in direct contact with drinking water up to 85°C (WRAS Approved)

Standard compliance: BS EN 50393:2006, BS6920, ASTM D2240, A-A-59163, ASTM
D-149, ASTM D-412, MIL-I-46852, ASTM D2148, ASTM D3767 (LLFA® specifications meet other international standards not included in this list)

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