Hole Saws


Using premium quality materials, each holesaw is of bi-metal construction for fast and effective performance

• Full range from 14mm to 200mm (subject to M.O.Q)
• Professional quality
• Variable pitch teeth for high speed clean cutting
• Strong and durable
• Value for money

Related Products

Product CodeDescriptionPack QtyEANTSI Code
BMHS16Hole saw 16mm5050291001304400793797
BMHS20Hole Saw 20mm5050291001311400793807
BMHS22Hole Saw 22mm5050291001328400793810
BMHS25Hole Saw 25mm5050291001335400793823
BMHS32Hole Saw 32mm5050291001342400793836
BMHS38Hole Saw 38mm5050291001359400793849
BMHS40Hole Saw 40mm5050291001366400793852
BMHS44Hole Saw 44mm5050291001373400793865
BMHS51Hole Saw 51mm5050291001380400793878
BMHS57Hole Saw 57mm5050291001397400793881
BMHS64Hole Saw 64mm5050291001403400793894
BMHS73Hole Saw 73mm5050291001410400793904
BMHS76Hole Saw 76mm5050291001427400793917
BMHS83Hole Saw 83mm5050291001434400793920
BMHS102Hole Saw 102mm5050291001298400793933

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