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Standard Grade Polyolefin Heatshrink


2:1 Shrink Ratio
SG.- Standard Grade Polyolefin, 2:1 shrink ratio, shrink with hot airgun or naked flame, flexible, excellent insulation properties, easily printed on, without adhesive and does not melt-resistant to cold flow.

SG is a flexible, flame-retardant heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing designed for a wide range of applications such as insulation, marking, strain relief and mechanical protection.

Shrinking Properties:
• Radial shrinkage: 50% min
• Longitudinal shrinkage: 5% max
• Tubing has ability to shrink at comparatively low temperatures of 100OC
• 2:1 shrink ratio
• Operating temperature: -55OC to 125OC
• Self-extinguishing

• UL224 125OC 600V VW-1
• CSA C22.2 No. 198 125OC 600V
• RoHS Compliant

Product CodeDescription
SG1.2BLKHeatshrink 1.2mm Black
SG1.2BLUEHeatshrink 1.2mm Blue
SG1.2BROHeatshrink 1.2mm Brown
SG1.2GREYHeatshrink 1.2mm Grey
SG1.2GREENHeatshrink 1.2mm Green
SG1.2ORANGEHeatshrink 1.2mm Orange
SG1.2REDHeatshrink 1.2mm Red
SG1.6BLKHeatshrink 1.6mm Black
SG1.6BLUHeatshrink 1.6mm Blue
SG1.6GREENHeatshrink 1.6mm Green
SG1.6REDHeatshrink 1.6mm Red
SG1.6YELHeatshrink 1.6mm Yellow
SG1.6CLEHeatshrink 1.6mm Clear
SG1.6WHITEHeatshrink 1.6mm White
SG2.4BLKHeatshrink 2.4mm Black
SG2.4BLUEHeatshrink 2.4mm Blue
SG2.4BROWNHeatshrink 2.4mm Brown
SG2.4GREYHeatshrink 2.4mm Grey
SG2.4GRNHeatshrink 2.4mm Green
SG2.4ORHeatshrink 2.4mm Orange
SG2.4REDHeatshrink 2.4mm Red
SG2.4YELHeatshrink 2.4mm Yellow
SG2.4CLEHeatshrink 2.4mm Clear
SG2.4WHIHeatshrink 2.4mm White
SG3.2BLKHeatshrink 3.2mm Black
SG3.2BLUHeatshrink 3.2mm Blue
SG3.2BROWNHeatshrink 3.2mm Brown
SG3.2GREYHeatshrink 3.2mm Grey
SG3.2REDHeatshrink 3.2mm Red
SG3.2YELHeatshrink 3.2mm Yellow
SG3.2CLEHeatshrink 3.2mm Clear
SG3.2WHITEHeatshrink 3.2mm White
SG4.8BLKHeatshrink 4.8mm Black
SG4.8BLUHeatshrink 4.8mm Blue
SG4.8BROHeatshrink 4.8mm Brown
SG4.8GREYHeatshrink 4.8mm Grey
SG4.8GREENHeatshrink 4.8mm Green
SG4.8ORHeatshrink 4.8mm Orange
SG4.8REDHeatshrink 4.8mm Red
SG4.8YELHeatshrink 4.8mm Yellow
SG4.8CLEHeatshrink 4.8mm Clear
SG4.8WHIHeatshrink 4.8mm White
SG6.4BLKHeatshrink 6.4mm Black
SG6.4BLUHeatshrink 6.4mm Blue
SG6.4BROHeatshrink 6.4mm Brown
SG6.4GREYHeatshrink 6.4mm Grey
SG6.4GREHeatshrink 6.4mm Green
SG6.4REDHeatshrink 6.4mm Red
SG6.4YELHeatshrink 6.4mm Yellow
SG6.4CLEHeatshrink 6.4mm Clear
SG6.4WHIHeatshrink 6.4mm White
SG9.5BLKHeatshrink 9.5mm Black
SG9.5BLUHeatshrink 9.5mm Blue
SG9.5BROHeatshrink 9.5mm Brown
SG9.5GREYHeatshrink 9.5mm Grey
SG9.5ORANGEHeatshrink 9.5mm Orange
SG9.5REDHeatshrink 9.5mm Red
SG9.5YELHeatshrink 9.5mm Yellow
SG9.5CLEHeatshrink 9.5mm Clear
SG9.5WHIHeatshrink 9.5mm White
SG12.7BLKHeatshrink 12.7mm Black
SG12.7BLUHeatshrink 12.7mm Blue
SG12.7BROHeatshrink 12.7mm Brown
SG12.7GREYHeatshrink 12.7mm Grey
SG12.7GREENHeatshrink 12.7mm Green
SG12.7ORANGEHeatshrink 12.7mm Orange
SG12.7REDHeatshrink 12.7mm Red
SG12.7YELHeatshrink 12.7mm Yellow
SG12.7CLEHeatshrink 12.7mm Clear
SG12.7WHIHeatshrink 12.7mm White
SG19BLKHeatshrink 19mm Black
SG19BLUHeatshrink 19mm Blue
SG19BROHeatshrink 19mm Brown
SG19GREYHeatshrink 19mm Grey
SG19CLEHeatshrink 19mm Clear
SG19GREHeatshrink 19mm Green
SG19REDHeatshrink 19mm Red
SG19WHIHeatshrink 19mm White
SG19YELHeatshrink 19mm Yellow
SG19ORHeatshrink 19mm Orange
SG25BLKHeatshrink 25mm Black
SG25BLUHeatshrink 25mm Blue
SG25BROHeatshrink 25mm Brown
SG25GREYHeatshrink 25mm Grey
SG25CLEHeatshrink 25mm Clear
SG25GREENHeatshrink 25mm Green
SG25REDHeatshrink 25mm Red
SG25WHIHeatshrink 25mm White
SG25YELHeatshrink 25mm Yellow
SG25ORANGEHeatshrink 25mm Orange
SG38BLKHeatshrink 38mm Black
SG38BLUHeatshrink 38mm Blue
SG38BROHeatshrink 38mm Brown
SG38CLEHeatshrink 38mm Clear
SG38REDHeatshrink 38mm Red
SG38GREENHeatshrink 38mm Green
SG38YELHeatshrink 38mm Yellow
SG38WHIHeatshrink 38mm White
SG38GREYHeatshrink 38mm Grey
SG50BLKHeatshrink 50mm Black
SG50BROHeatshrink 50mm Brown
SG50BLUHeatshrink 50mm Blue
SG50GREYHeatshrink 50mm Grey
SG50YELHeatshrink 50mm Yellow
SG50REDHeatshrink 50mm Red
SG50WHIHeatshrink 50mm White
SG50CLEHeatshrink 50mm Clear
SG75BLKHeatshrink 75mm Black
SG75BROHeatshrink 75mm Brown
SG75BLUHeatshrink 75mm Blue
SG75GREYHeatshrink 75mm Grey
SG75REDHeatshrink 75mm Red
SG75YELHeatshrink 75mm Yellow
SG75CLEHeatshrink 75mm Clear
SG100BLKHeatshrink 100mm Black
SG100BLUHeatshrink 100mm Blue
SG100YELHeatshrink 100mm Yellow
SG100CLEHeatshrink 100mm Clear

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