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Tauras ALT CW Standard & LSF Glands


Application: Brass indoor and outdoor gland suitable for all types of steel wire armoured cable (SWA), providing an environmental
seal on the outer cable sheath. The gland also provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination.

Operating temp: -20°C to +80°C
Ingress protection: IP66
Approval: BS EN 62444:2013

Pack content: Gland(s), shroud(s), EarthingNutTM(s) and crimp terminations

Product CodeDescriptionEANTSI Code
TCW20S PACK ALT-ENTauras CW20S ALT Gland Pack 5050291089920
TCW20 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW20 ALT Gland Pack5050291089937
TCW25 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW25 ALT Gland Pack5050291089944
TCW32 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW32 ALT Gland Pack5050291089951
TCW40 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW40 ALT Gland Pack5050291091961
TCW50S PACK ALT-ENTauras CW50S ALT Gland Pack5050291091978
TCW50 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW50 ALT Gland Pack5050291091985
TCW63S PACK ALT-ENTauras CW63S ALT Gland Pack5050291091992
TCW63 PACK ALT-ENTauras CW63 ALT Gland Pack5050291092005
TCW20SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW20S LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092104
TCW20LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW20 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092111
TCW25LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW25 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092128
TCW32LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW32 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092135
TCW40LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW40 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092142
TCW50SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW50S LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092159
TCW50LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW50 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092166
TCW63SLSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW63S LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092173
TCW63LSF PACK ALT-ENTauras CW63 LSF ALT Gland Pack5050291092180

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